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The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis as they’re also called is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the Northern Hemisphere. To be more specific, this happens when sun storms send charged solar particles in the direction of the Earth and strike atoms and molecules in our planet´s magnetic field. This causes them to react and flair up and create these lights fading in and out in the dark sky. The colour is predominantly white or green but can also include pink, red and violet.

The Northern Lights attract millions of tourists yearly in the Northern regions and Iceland is a popular destination to go on a Northern Lights hunt. Generally speaking the Auroras can be seen when the conditions are right in the Northern Hemisphere or at latitude between 66 to 69 degrees north. During a solarstorm; which now a days can be predicted up to one week in advance, darkness and clear sky or at least partial clarity are key. Therefore the season for Northern Lights in Iceland is generally best between October and March, but they can also be seen in April and September.

Light pollution from the city lights have great effects on how well you can see them. Short walk to the seashore will greatly improve your success for caching the Northern Lights. Even though we can predict the strength of the solar storm it is still hard to know more than just a few hours in advance where the best place is to see them as it depends on weather conditions. Therefore it’s recommend to join a tour as they follow the best Aurora forecast and bring you safely into the countryside or out on the bay where you can relax and enjoy the view and the journey.

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