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Whale Watching In Iceland

Whales are phenomenal creatures and the biggest mammals living in the ocean. They communicate with mysterious sound signals, they breathe air, have warm blood like us, nurse their offspring’s and feed them with milk. Many whales travel from cold-water oceans where they feed to warmer water to bread each year.

Over 20 different whale species live around the coast of Iceland but the mink whales and white-beaked dolphins are the most common ones to spot around Iceland, but sometimes humpbacks, porpoises and orcas pay a visit too. The relatively shallow ocean surrounding Iceland and the abundance of fish makes it a habitable place for whales and therefore one of the best spots in Europe to catch a glimpse of these majestic beings.

Over the last few decades more and more emphasizes have been on protection for this wonderful species and at the same time a whole new tourist industry has come to live; whale watching. The fact that they breathe air through their blowholes makes it easy to spot them coming to the surface. Whale watching is now very popular way of observing them in their natural habitat and we only support tours which follow a strict code of conduct on how to approach them and how close the vessels can get.

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